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Create a Feast for the Sales & Marketing Funnel: Turn your Site Traffic into Named Leads

The life blood of sales is quality leads. This has been a staple in B2B marketing, but in today’s digital on-demand culture it is also highly applicable for consumer-based markets.

The traditional “Marketing Funnels” and heralded “Account-Based Marketing” models systematically provide some structure and measurement to the procurement of leads.  However, in both cases, the key is still identifying leads.

When leads come from a direct conversion – a form fill, call center, or direct mail – the path through the funnel is clear.  Yet in digital marketing designed for scale, the primary sourcing comes from search, display, video and mobile advertising. Digital is similar to television in this respect; it is an immersive technology – but unlike television, audience engagement can be gathered at any time, and increasingly across multiple platforms.

Onboarding a first-party CRM list to digital delivery points and IDs effectively mimics the benefits of direct mail.  But in order to reach leads at scale you also need to be able to tap into passive engagement as well. A person can show up as a website visitor, an ad impression in a display campaign, and even as an in-store customer making a purchase.

With the right linking technology – total transparency and scale is now possible – quickly filling the top of the funnel with named, qualified leads at scale – every day.

UDX-Leads is a game changer.  It assigns a common and persistent key to businesses, households, people, and devices across the entire digital ecosystem.   Ad impressions, click-through, website visit, online purchase, and even online and in-store visits can be converted into names and addresses. They can then be enhanced with qualifying data such as industry and revenue for B2B, or age and income, for consumer person-based targeting.

With UDX-Leads matching across multiple digital touchpoints, a common ID exists between a person’s online behaviors and their offline identity. This is done in a Safe Haven without any tracking or cookies to protect privacy.

Recognizing that people don’t live, work and play in just one place, UDX-Leads bridges the existing gaps between a device, person, household, and a work place in order to produce named, qualified leads.

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