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Reaching Consumers Across Devices this Holiday Season

Qualified Audience Targeting On the Move

This holiday season, eMarketer predicts that US ecommerce sales will grow 17% — with mobile alone growing over 43%. With digital sales and mobile engagement on the rise, marketers need to focus outreach to qualified consumers across devices if they want to secure their portion of this growth.

Online marketing has been a practical reality for several holiday seasons, yet many online campaigns are still running the same kind of targeting they were in 2010. Cookie-based “intenders” have come to reflect an audience that is less available and less transparent. And their inability to reach over half your prospects — or determine if prospects have the financial ability to transact — doesn’t help.

In this age of Programmatic RTB, marketers should start every campaign by building a fully qualified and identifiable audience. These audiences are created using offline data on affluence, location, current product ownership, and life-stage factors. Offline data points, combined with current customer profiles, provide visibility and clarity to the size and makeup of an opportunity.

Some onboarding services offer a way to connect offline lists to anonymized cookies through a hashed email. This method, however, can be dilutive to your goal. Email or Postal matching to cookie pools may only provide up to 30% match rates. Mobile DeviceID matching typically requires emails, while email-to-device matching can be haphazard if there is no scale.

Semcasting’s IP Targeting solution is built on the idea that a prospect’s identity is based in measurement and transparency. Using our proprietary data, we can fully vet every prospect and statistically measure their fitness as a customer. We onboard at 80-90% average match rates using our twice-patented targeting technology, and provide total device coverage on home, business, and mobile networks with no unique user duplication.

Semcasting provides deterministic coverage of over 240 million consumers and over 110 million unique mobile devices in over 600 million home, business, and retail locations. For more information on our holiday targeting program, download our retail overview.

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