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Mobile Targeting for Politics

During this election cycle, every campaign worth its salt understands that targeting the right audience with the right message is critical. Hundreds of data points on voters allow a campaign data team to build audiences of any type and size. In reality however, the problem of scale can wreak havoc on a carefully devised campaign plan.

Without the right technology, your perfectly crafted message might reach only 30% of your intended voters. What if you could take any audience and expand your online reach to nearly 100% of voters on the right device, for virtually any campaign?

As a leading provider of IP Targeting, Semcasting has been providing our clients the ability to reach close to 100% of intended voters at their home. Now, Semcasting is proud to announce the introduction of Mobile IP Footprints. This unique approach to mobile targeting in politics goes well beyond geo-fencing at specific location. Mobile IP Footprints locates mobile activity at over 140 million locations, covering the voters' home, work, or both.

Mobile IP Footprints was recently employed during the late stages of a Missouri gubernatorial primary to greatly enhance the amount of quality inventory available in the final days. This additional reach led to lower costs and increased user engagement compared to standard voter audiences. The other factor besides reach is performance. The following results were achieved in this Missouri campaign using Smart Zones and Mobile IP Footprints:

CTR Completion
Display 0.12% N/A
Desktop Pre-Roll 0.41% 74.60%
Mobile IP Footprints Video 1.14% 86.50%


Learn more about what Semcasting can do to increase your voter reach. Contact Matt Hedberg at MHedberg@semcasting.com or download our Mobile Footprints datasheet.

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