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Guest blog: SalesIntel Chief Marketing Officer, James Lamberti

Guest blog: SalesIntel Chief Marketing Officer, James Lamberti

Semcasting’s strategic partnership with SalesIntel empowers B2B marketers with high-quality account technographic and job title data. The integration of SalesIntel business intelligence into AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS) brings actionable account technographic data to our clients to improve their top-of-funnel prospect quality, scale of coverage and digital reach. 

We hope you will join Semcasting’s GM of Consumer Services Mike Skladony and James Lamberti, CMO, at SalesIntel, for our upcoming webinar on April 20 at 1pm ET, B2B Efficiency at B2C Scale: How B2B Marketers Can 2X Their Pipeline Using Programmatic Advertising.Mike and James will showcase how programmatic advertising is a viable, scalable, and efficient approach to driving the pipeline for B2B marketers in 2023 (not just B2C marketers!)

Register for the webinar here: https://hubs.ly/Q01GzXXR0.   

In the meantime, please enjoy getting to know a little bit more about SalesIntel Chief Marketing Officer, James Lamberti.


How did you get started in the advertising/marketing/data industry? 

SalesIntel has been in the B2B data intelligence space for over 15 years. Before launching as SalesIntel in 2018, we provided our data to other B2B players including ZoomInfo. When we realized how valuable our ethically-sourced data was, we decided to go direct. 

Many B2B marketing, RevOps, and sales teams are seeing a decline in the quality of B2B sales intelligence in the industry. It’s no coincidence that this decline coincides with our decision to build SalesIntel and go direct to B2B brands with our own product and service.

When it comes to B2B data, from your perspective, which is better - data quality or data quantity?

Both quality and quantity matter, but the more important question to ask is “what data do I need?”

Many players in the industry make exaggerated claims about the quantity of data they possess, but almost no claims about the quality of that data, how they source it and the focus of that data in helping marketers reach their target market with actionable intelligence. We believe in actionable data and define it as the data B2B marketers need to describe their target market in clear, quantifiable terms and then reach those influencers and buyers. By building a definition of your target in detail with quality data, you create targeting efficiency in everything you do, including programmatic advertising. 

This focus makes you hyper-efficient in lead generation, but you need the right quality data and not data for the sake of data.

What is unique about working within the B2B v. B2C marketing space?

Building on the above point, you must be more focused in B2B. The B2B world is crowded with companies trying to reach a relatively small world of influencers and buyers. Using data to tightly define your target and advertise to it is vital. You can’t afford to waste a dime, but you will if you are trying to target too broadly. 

Why should B2B marketers leverage technographic data vs. other forms of data?

Technographic account data is an incredibly rich and detailed way to define your target market. With 18,000 technologies describing 22 million companies, almost any B2B marketer can narrow their target audience using quantifiable data and target against it. This focus is what drives ROI in your programmatic spend.

What qualities or attributes should companies look out for when seeking a B2B data partner?

Our tagline is Find Your People. Build Your Pipeline. We’re proud of it because it simply describes the partnership we have with our customers. We are transparent about the data we have (and the data we don’t have!). We commit to quality through a 2k-strong human verification team that can fill data gaps as an extension of your team. We have friendly, fair contract terms. We provide the best customer service in the industry. In other words - we’re your people! 

And most important is the comprehensive actionable data we possess including 225 million account technographic and firmographic data points to define your target market, intent data on 12,000 topics that surfaces accounts in market for your product or service today, and 100 million actionable contacts focused on the right people - 15 million human-verified decision makers. In other words - we help you find your people. 

What trends are you keeping an eye on over the next year? Five years? 

Three things come to mind. 

First, data quality is hard and getting harder. Most players scrape the internet, but that technique is fraught with quality issues, does not scale, and is not tenable long-term. Without the data - you’re sunk! 

Second, the layers and types of data are key. We’re talking account data, contact data, decision-makers, job changers, news information, intent data, and enrichment data. There are many point solutions today that have a small corner of the market relying on niche data, but these companies will find themselves contracting as the data layers they rely on emerge in platforms like SalesIntel along with many other data layers to offer a fully integrated solution to the market. 

Finally in third is Revops. This is the most important function in B2B go-to-market plans in 2023 and needs to be serviced with quality data that surfaces where it’s needed to end users seamlessly. It’s hard, but vitally important.

What are some major challenges that you (and/or other advertisers/marketers/data industry) face today?

This one is too easy! Detailed, quality B2B account and contact data ethically sourced is vital in the B2B world to replace the dying cookie and sustain impactful advertising.

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