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Customer Acquisition Programs with Scale and Focus

Sifting Gold with Invitation to Apply Performance Index Scoring

Customer acquisition programs are like panning for gold. You have a general idea of what you’re looking for and where to look, but there can be a whole lot of sifting before you strike it rich.

There’s a certain balance to be struck in managing the cost of prospecting versus the likelihood of profitability. Ideally, your customer acquisition program is set up to allow for prospecting at scale while also pre-screening candidates for targets who will be the best responders.

The Invitation to Apply (ITA) Performance Index is Semcasting’s solution to this pre-screening challenge. The ITA Performance Index leverages our proprietary genetic modeling solution and multi-variable affluence data to connect dozens of attributes about prospects and identify those with the best financial profile. In this way, marketers can target households and individuals who meet pre-approval metrics without having to incur the cost of a formal credit report.

The ITA Performance Index tracks hundreds of millions of capital and luxury good transactions and links them with household affluence, family composition, and regional economic performance. Additionally, by incorporating other data from the Semcasting Affluence Data Set – our Discretionary Income Index, income estimates, net worth, current home value/equity, invested assets, and recession sensitivity – the ITA Performance Index is able to reflect household buying power and financial stability.

Compared to other summarized credit alternatives rolled up to a zip+4 level and updated bi-annually, the ITA Performance Index is scored at the household level and updated monthly to reflect new purchase activity and changing economic conditions, such as interest and inflation rates. You can evaluate customers you already have in the funnel or create a new customer acquisition campaign with audiences that have been pre-screened for buying power.

The ITA Performance Index is also offered in our online Smart Zones audience-targeting platform, which identifies ideal consumer targets based on offline household information.

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