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Voter Reach Matters:  See the Smart Zones Difference in Political Campaigns

Use Case: Colorado

In the 2014 election cycle, Semcasting’s patented IP Targeting platform Smart Zones was used in over 300 digital political campaigns. To highlight the difference with Smart Zones, we can look at the highly contested 2014 Colorado state Senate elections.

Of the 12 contested races, 10 utilized our Semcasting Smart Zones™ platform. For those 10 campaigns, we generated over 60 million display and mobile impressions, and of these 10 candidates, 8 went on to win their elections. The two candidates who fell short saw a loss margin of less than 900 votes each.

In the two elections that didn't utilize our Smart Zones targeting platform, the losing candidates saw loss margins between 11,000 and 18,000 votes.

Obviously, not all candidates are the same and neither are the digital voter targeting methods available for 2016. But what every candidate and party official agrees on is…

Voter Reach Matters. A Lot.

There are over 145 million registered voters in the U.S. In the Smart Zones database, each voter record includes registration, contributions, activism and GOTV propensity scores.

In order to reach voters online, campaigns traditionally rely on social networks and cookies to match the offline voter data to online unique users. However, despite the intense focus today with onboarding, third party cookie blocking, and an emphasis on mobile, there is less than a 30% cookie match potential for any voter list. In addition, with an average of 4+ cookies per unique user in any segment, user duplication is rampant.

For a political campaign, access to only 30% of your target electorate simply doesn't cut it.

See how Semcasting Smart Zones™ can get you in front of that missed 70% with no waste or duplication.

With an average 90-95% match rate to any offline voter or donor lists or CRM files, verified unique users, cross-device support and media preference selection by audience, Smart Zones is the new standard for digital campaigns.


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