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Identify Travel Industry Customers Using Predictive Modeling

Smart Zones for the Online Travel Industry
Consumer Travel Decisions Are Made Online

Today, the travel industry transacts their business online. It is vital that promotional offers reach the right consumers, at the right times, and on the right devices. This means anticipating whether a consumer is looking to book a vacation package, or is simply purchasing airline tickets for a business trip. Delivering them a customized ad experience across all their Internet-enabled devices at the right moment and in the right context is a proven formula for retail success.

In order to meet this challenge, the travel industry needs a device-independent audience-targeting platform with reach to over 249 million people and 18 million businesses, and features that include robust demographic, socioeconomic and location targeting. In addition, the platform needs to be able to contextually align the website media the user is on, with the audience segments doing the viewing. Offers delivered to the right audience, on the right device, and on the sites that best match the users’ interests can deliver real lift in campaign performance.

What you might not know about current online targeting is that decade-old, cookie-based ad delivery systems depend on an active cookie. With over half of consumers already blocking cookies at the browser level and many mobile devices unable to except cookies, only a limited percentage of the cookie pool is active and reachable.

Smart Zones

The Smart Zones audience-targeting platform identifies travel industry customers and provides a cost-effective solution to target audiences without the use of cookies across most ad networks through programmatic real-time bidding (RTB).

Smart Zones uses predictive models to identify travel industry customers by their attributes, matching each audience to their preferred device and media, and finally linking the audience to their corresponding homes, businesses and schools.

Every audience has an ISP delivery point that has a range of IP addresses. Smart Zones takes these ranges and converts them into targetable zones, enhanced with hundreds of attributes that protect privacy but still deliver maximum reach. The net result is 100 percent transparent reach to every online audience segment.

To see how Smart Zones can help you generate more leads, view our product page and download our overview.

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