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Reach Voters with Actionable GOTV Targeting

We are down to the last two weeks before Election Day. For some campaigns, this is the very last opportunity they will have to persuade and engage voters.

The majority of last-minute GOTV targeting efforts are typically communicated door-to-door by volunteers, by telemarketer, and/or in targeted TV spots. These days, telemarketing is tough because of caller ID, and walking door-to-door is always hit or miss. If the campaign has the money and access to the available airtime, TV promos help but do not provide the unique voter reach required with GOTV. The challenge with any of these tactics is reaching enough of your target voter population to move the needle.

There is, however, one solid option for the last-minute campaigner.

Over 85% of voters are digitally-connected, and there are two channels of communication where you can be online in 24 hours and reach voters effectively and economically. In order to ensure a successful GOTV effort, consider using online voter targeting to reach out to your key constituencies at their desktop and on their mobile devices.

  • • With Online GOTV messaging, you can directly target the prospective voters you need to.
  • • Online and Mobile Targeting can find your key voters at home, work, or on the move within any defined location – like at a rally or a polling station.
  • • Mobile is your best short-notice option for delivering mission-critical messaging, because it is on-demand and accurate to the named voters you need to reach.

Semcasting Mobile Footprints is capable of matching targeted voter lists to smartphone audiences, which is beyond the capabilities of third-party cookies. By matching your voters on their mobile devices on Election Day with actionable GOTV information — such as polling locations and times — you can ensure that you’re reaching on near-100% of your likely constituency.

Learn more about how you can maximize your GOTV efforts on Election Day by contacting Matt Hedberg at MHedberg@semcasting.com and downloading our Semcasting Mobile Footprints overview.

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