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Political Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Real-Time Activation with Daily Voter Actions

Political Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Real-Time Activation with Daily Voter Actions

Semcasting, L2 and Xandr Combine Capabilities for Political Solution that Automatically Creates Audience Segments Daily based on Early Votes, Absentee Ballot Requests and New Voter Registrations

North Andover, MA – August 2, 2022 Semcasting, the pioneer in cookieless targeting and identity graph solutions, L2, Inc., the leader in voter and consumer data, and Xandr, a data-enabled technology platform with capabilities built-for-political, today announced the suite of Daily Voter Segments, a new digital political media buying solution.

According to Pew Research, only 27% of voters cast their ballots in-person on Election Day in 2020, representing a major opportunity for political advertisers to rethink their media buying timeline and targeting strategies to better align with the election cycle. In order to fully engage voters, buyers should plan to start the campaign process earlier and extend it through Election Day to encourage voters to actually cast their ballot. New Daily Voter segments can assist in this effort by dynamically rolling into audiences New Registrants right up until Election Day, and update Early Voter segments to ensure campaigns aren’t communicating with constituents once they’ve already placed their vote, avoiding wasted ad spend and improving efficiency and relevancy in voter engagement. 

The suite of Daily Voter Segments combine the capabilities of these three innovators in the digital political sector – Semcasting, L2 and Xandr – to help align voter outreach programs with campaign spending. Voter audience data that is updated daily allows advertisers to tailor their message to exactly where the constituent is in the voting process 

L2 processes data at least once per day in every state that has early vote, absentee ballot, vote by mail and new voter registration that allows for it. Semcasting receives and onboards these files through its integration of L2 data within AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS). The voter files are then matched using Semcasting’s proprietary identity graph and synced hourly with Xandr’s built-for-political platform to constantly refresh the suite of Daily Voter Segments on early voters, absentee ballot requests and new voter registrations. 

With the suite of Daily Voter Segments, political advertisers can:

  • Drastically reduce the amount of time spent waiting on data onboarding from days to hours with a constant and seamless data sync.
  • Automatically update new segments daily to message directly to constituents who have confirmed interest in voting by requesting an absentee ballot or registering to vote. 
  • Seamlessly apply the early voter audience segments as a negative target to ensure no media dollars are spent on voters who have already cast a ballot.

“With such a large amount of spend concentrated in such a short amount of time, it is paramount that political advertisers know they have all the tools available to reach voters when it matters most based on real-time voter updates,” said Erik Brydges, Head of Political for Xandr. “Partnering with Semcasting and L2 to offer this suite of daily voter segments through our built-for-political platform further helps our political advertiser clients quickly and efficiently engage with voters in all 50 states, up and down the ballot.”  

"Early voting and absentee voter information has played a critical role in making offline campaigns more efficient for years. Having these data available on Xandr via Semcasting will create the same efficiency digitally, according to L2 Executive Vice President Paul Westcott.   Campaigns and consultants will now be able to focus their targeted digital spend on those voters they still need to reach, allowing them to devote resources to voters that haven't yet gone to the polls."  

“This innovation is possible because L2 has a proven history of accurate and up-to-date voter files and Xandr is the only DSP that has made the investments in a platform and award-winning team needed to understand and support such a nuanced vertical like political advertising,” Matthew Hedberg, VP, General Manager of Politics for Semcasting. “Joining our data onboarding technology with these key partners in the political space to create this new suite of Daily Voter Segments empowers buyers to maximize the impact of their campaigns this political season.”

Early voter segments are now available to all Semcasting, L2 and Xandr digital political customers. 

About Semcasting

Semcasting offers end-to-end, privacy-safe data solutions including identity resolution, audience design and attribution. The company pioneered cookieless targeting and first-party data onboarding with its patented constellation multi-touch identity resolution approach and Smart Zones technology. This method is not dependent on a proprietary common identifier or a single match type, but instead dynamically spans multiple online and offline identifiers in real-time.

A team of subject matter experts, Semcasting provides its brand and agency clients with industry-specific data expertise and solutions. Its self-serve platform AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS) empowers marketers to maximize reach with control and transparency.

Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts. Learn more at https://www.semcasting.com/.

About L2

For over 50 years, L2 has set the industry standard for having the highest quality and most comprehensive voter file available. The company’s national voter file is the most accurate and frequently updated in the marketplace, and contains the largest number of file segments for traditional and digital targeting. L2 is web-based, no downloads or software required. L2’s 53-point hygiene and enhancement process remain unparalleled. 

L2 is headquartered in Bothell, Washington. Learn more at https://www.l2-data.com 

About Xandr

Xandr, a part of Microsoft Advertising, powers a global marketplace for premium advertising. Our data-enabled technology platform, encompassing Xandr Invest, Xandr Monetize, and Xandr Curate, optimizes return on investment for both buyers and sellers, while maintaining a commitment to an open marketplace and empowering the open web globally. 

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