Local Races Are Key to Retaking The House, But Attribution For Political Ads Is Still MIA

Borrell Associates predicts the 2018 election cycle will be an $8.5 billion "advertising bonanza." Attribution of this spend is key.

Given the temperature of the electorate this figure is likely to grow. Unfortunately, fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, including Facebook's knee-jerk response to throw ad tech under the bus and Google threatening to pull its DoubleClick ID, threatens to cripple political advertisers from proving through attribution that their digital political outreach is performing as promised.

Digital targeting enables campaigns to segment messaging and voters into buckets, including fundraising, issue-specific calls to action and voter turnout. But without attribution, political advertisers don’t know if they are reaching the audience they intend to serve an ad to.

Read the full article, written by Semcasting's CEO, Ray Kingman, on AdExchanger.

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