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Introducing Site Visitor Attribution from Semcasting, Inc.

Actionable Insight on WHO is Visiting your Site – FREE

Marketing attribution services are increasingly being requested by brands and agencies because they want to know which of their marketing investments are working.

Site analytics tools monitor trends and tell you how many people visit your site and count what pages they land on. Expensive marketing attribution platforms use a sampling methodology to feed analytical models to forecast future behavior.  Unfortunately neither of these tools report on WHO is engaging with your site or their behavior patterns, nor do they fully report on WHAT action caused them to engage.

In order to turn visitors into leads, and leads into customers, you need to know what action drove the user to you and who they are.  SVA answers both questions.

Semcasting Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) is a FREE Audience Attribution Tool able to link ALL site activity that comes as a result of search, display, and offline activity like press releases, direct mail or even TV. Using our Smart Zones audience targeting system, SVA identifies every site visit by its location, user type, demographic profile, device and the marketing channel they came from through a patented process that completely protects user privacy.  SVA provides summary data and profiling to help site managers and marketers understand where interest is coming from and who they are.

How it Works

• Simply add an SVA tag to your site or landing pages for FREE. It records all traffic to your site and posts information to a secure cloud account – accessible only by you.

• Every visit to your site – whether it’s from an ad impression, search word, email, search or direct mail –  is automatically linked back to a Smart Zones audience, the page they visited, a location, and a device.

• A FREE monthly report is provided to summarize who your consumer or business visitors are and what attributes uniquely define them as an audience.  Download a sample.

• SVA can match most B2B visits to a company, returning the name of the business for easy and precise lead generation.  The top 15 leads are free.  Download a sample.

• Site visitors from search, display or offline marketing can be used to inform campaigns; SVA traffic can be segmented into related demographic profiles, used to produce look-a-likes, or retargeted with custom, personalized creative.

CONTACT SEMCASTING TODAY to set up a FREE account.  SVA@semcasting.com

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