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2 Things Semcasting’s Samantha (Sam) Gray is Most Excited About for RampUp 2024

2 Things Semcasting’s Samantha (Sam) Gray is Most Excited About for RampUp 2024

Next week, Ray Kingman, CEO and Founder, Ian Tattenham, VP of Sales and Strategic Accounts, and Sam Gray, Sales Director, will be attending the world’s leading data collaboration event, RampUp, a yearly event hosted by global data collaboration platform, LiveRamp. Join us in San Francisco to learn about Semcasting’s leading identity, measurement and data solutions.

We hope to connect with you there!

In the meantime, read what Sam is most excited about as she gets ready to attend RampUp.

What Sam’s most excited about in her words: 

Diving into identity resolution with industry and partners / prospects

One of the most exciting aspects of RampUp 2024 is the opportunity to delve into identity resolution alongside industry peers and potential partners. At Semcasting, we've been at the forefront of redefining identity solutions, and our IdentityXchange (IDX) graph is a testament to that. IDX isn't just another tool in the toolbox; it's a paradigm shift in how brands approach identity management. 

Semcasting’s IdentityXchange is a cookieless identity graph that puts brands back in control of their data and its deployment. IdentityXchange matches and appends digital platform IDs to the client’s first-party data assets, ensuring that they maintain control of all programmatic efforts – onboarding, audience enrichment/segmentation, real-time measurement and frequency capping.

IdentityXchange is built on Semcasting’s proprietary, 6x patented constellation matching process. Our process leverages multiple match keys to rank and score for the highest level of onboarding accuracy. Semcasting holds an average match rate of 85% and enables brands to onboard and activate audiences in minutes

Reigniting the important focus on actually measuring the customer journey

Another aspect that I’m excited about is showcasing our real-time measurement capabilities to RampUp attendees. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, having insights into the customer journey as it unfolds is crucial. Semcasting's real-time measurement tool, a new feature included in the AudienceDesigner platform, is the first, and only, of its kind. Unlike anything else out there, our platform updates every hour, providing clients with vital information on who's been reached, who hasn't, which channels are excelling, and much more. This means our clients can make data-driven decisions for campaign optimization on the fly, while their campaigns are live, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and maximize their impact.

Campaigns can run on one or multiple platforms, allowing for true cross-platform attribution in real-time.

Based in New York, Sam previously worked at LiveRamp and Wyng. Get to know a little bit more about Sam and what she brings to our team: 

How did you get started in the adtech industry?

My journey in the adtech industry began with a genuine curiosity for understanding consumer behavior and how data-driven insights can be leveraged to drive business growth.

Reflecting on my childhood, I vividly recall a marketing lesson that was taught to me in 7th grade. It was a revelation to learn how various colors in advertisements evoke distinct emotions, how imagery shapes consumer responses, and how the milk you see in cereal commercials is actually Elmers Glue! That lesson all those years ago sparked my curiosity about the industry, and I've been pursuing it ever since. 

Of course, our understanding of consumer behavior has deepend significantly since then. I've had the privilege of working with some incredible teams at LiveRamp, Wyng, and now Semcasting and witnessing the transformative power of data, firsthand.

What drew you toward working for Semcasting?

I was drawn to Semcasting because of our innovative, patented, and future-proofed solutions, coupled with the company's unwavering commitment to empowerment and excellence. The moment I saw the IdentityXchange Platform, its user-friendly interface, and impressive array of tools, I knew I needed to delve deeper into what they offered. Witnessing real client match rates, turnaround times and success stories solidified my confidence in the platform.

Working here has been incredibly rewarding, providing me with the chance to collaborate with forward-thinking individuals and spearhead transformative initiatives that directly contribute to our clients' success. 

What is unique about Semcasting’s solutions and capabilities?

Semcasting stands out in the industry due to our relentless focus on precision, data governance and real-time capabilities. Our solutions are designed to put our clients back in control of their data, without relying on third-party cookies or proprietary IDs. With the ability to match on 40+ match keys within our Semcasting Identity Graph, we hold the industry-leading average match rate of 85%. 

We maintain the highest privacy standards for data processes, support informed-consent and differential-privacy for industry-specific regulation compliance - making us the go-to-platform for customers in all highly-regulated markets like pharma, financial services, healthcare, etc.

What qualities or attributes should companies look out for when seeking an onboarder?

When selecting an onboarder, companies should look for partners who provide comprehensive solutions for the present and future, prioritize data privacy and security and have a proven track record of delivering results. Trust, transparency and reliability are crucial pillars of any successful partnership, values that we are deeply committed to at Semcasting. 

What industry trends are you keeping an eye on over the next year? Five years?

 In the coming year, I anticipate brands will prioritize gaining more control over their first-party data amidst impending changes in cookie tracking. Recognizing the strategic importance of first party data is essential given the rising concerns about data privacy and regulations. Implementing alternative identifiers for precise targeting and measurement will be key.

Looking ahead, adtech is set for significant transformations influenced by evolving regulations, a heightened focus on sustainability and environmental impact, and the rise of AI-driven personalization. Needless to say, there's no shortage of exciting developments shaping our industry.

What are some major challenges the industry faces today?

 Like any industry, we face our fair share of challenges. Navigating privacy regulations, ensuring data quality and accuracy, and maximizing the potential of emerging technologies are all opportunities Semcasting embraces daily. 

By prioritizing transparency, fostering strong partnerships, and embracing innovative strategies - we maintain steadfast consumer trust, overcome challenges, and unlock ongoing growth opportunities.

Everyone’s identity is multifaceted, what are the unique characteristics of who you are?

Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm a Texas-raised, NYC-living gal who finds fulfillment in life's simple pleasures: the experience of live music, exploring the great outdoors through camping and hiking, a pickup game of sand volleyball and a nice glass of red wine.

I have a strong affinity for traveling and adventure. With 12 years of PADI Certification, I've had the chance to dive with whale sharks and other marine life. I love the mountains and enjoying ski biking (it’s a real thing!) in the winter. I take every chance I can to explore new destinations and immerse myself in diverse cultures. 

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