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Upgrade the Quality of Your  Digital Outreach Member Service Marketing

Upgrade the Quality of Your Digital Outreach Member Service Marketing

For health insurers or pharmaceutical companies there can be a highly defined group of potential customers or members they want to communicate with. However, historically both have employed digital mass marketing tactics that drain budgets - often reaching people who are not relevant. 

Member Service Marketing is a new approach to digital audience targeting that prioritizes reaching a precise constituency of first-party users who are either your current customers or a highly qualified prospect group you want to engage. 

For example, health insurers are obligated to reach their members regularly with communications about healthy lifestyle choices, pharma benefits and enrollment. Communicating with members digitally is dramatically more cost effective, allowing more frequent and effective outreach. 

If the organization runs 20 impressions to each member across display at a cost of $5/M (per thousand), pre-roll video at $15/M, and connected TV at $60/M at a total cost of $0.39 per member is dramatically more cost-effective then sending a piece of postal mail at $1.15.  The marketing impact is stronger with 20 digital touches over time than a one-time letter or postcard. Crunching the numbers further, the difference in unit savings per member can net out to 70% or more.

In pharmaceutical marketing, one key objective is awareness among the healthcare prescriber (HCP) community. There is a finite number of HCPs for any given ailment. Utilizing a member services approach to address the first-party HCP, the communication can be sequenced by drug class and prescriber, resulting in an “always on” reminder that keeps the brand top of mind for the prescribers.  Utilizing multiple digital channels programmatically across CTV, display, and mobile that precisely focuses a messaging story to the point of care (POC)  lowers cost and increases influence. 

Reaching physicians at home when they are not seeing patients is also an impactful time to capture their attention. This high-value advertising is difficult to replicate and is proven to be the most effective method to reach HCP decision-makers. 

Leveraging AudienceDesigner (ADS), with an average identity match of 87%, pharma brands can serve member audiences high-impact media across mobile, display on their home networks and Connected TV (CTV). With Member Service Marketing, the brand can automatically identify which HCPs are being reached, how many times, and identify those who were missed - before, during and after the campaign.

Leveraging multiple platforms, it is important not to over-saturate any one HCP. The unprecedented transparency that Member Service Marketing provides allows pharma brands to monitor impressions across multiple platforms daily and respond by creating a messaging sequence based on rules that promote, or trigger,  audience members to new sequences as viewership is tracked. This allows the marketer to optimize spend for real-time for both performance and cost savings.

Transparency is at the heart of Member Service Marketing. Both the transparency of the match to the audience members and the transparency to who is not being reached. Testing creatives based on real-time transparency into a membership level matching and the traffic they see, will improve ROI drastically. 

Want to learn more about Member Service Marketing: Real-Time Audience Measurement?  Download our whitepaper

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