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IP Audience Zones Provides Advertisers with Nearly 100% Qualified Reach

ANDOVER, MA (Feb. 8, 2012) -- Semcasting, Inc. today announced that IP Audience Zones, its innovative online audience-targeting platform, has increased its coverage to 227 million U.S. consumers. This 9% increase provides marketers with detailed demographic and socio-economic data on 5.2 million IP Zones representing nearly 100% reach to consumers online.

IP Audience Zones is based on a patented automated predictive modeling that defines audiences as neighborhood-sized clusters of 20 to 150 households. An average zip code is segmented into over 100 addressable audiences defined by common demographics, affluence, life stage, political affiliation and purchase intent attributes. Marketers can now leverage hundreds of variables to accurately define a target audience for a campaign and then "broadcast" by IP Zone to the highest concentration of qualified prospects. With IP Audience Zones there is no placement of cookies or tracking of users and no individual can be personally identified or tracked.

"For fifteen years behavioral targeting has been the standard. However, with browser cookies expiring and users increasingly opting-out of tracking, only 30 to 40% of the total audience is reachable at any given time. Reach is a systemic challenge for advertisers and the online advertising industry", said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. "Improving the veracity of intent segments and increasing online reach by 3 to 1 – all in a privacy friendly way makes IP Audience Zones a game changer."

In a recent state-based campaign for a women's health non-profit, IP Audience Zones was tested against three behavioral targeted data segments. IP Zones outperformed each by 116%, 88% and 92% respectively, while providing increased reach to unique users by 3 times the competing segments.

IP Zones ranks and prioritizes Zones by the same geo-demographic and socio-economic factors used by marketers in their CRM platforms to analyze customers. Algorithms weigh the interaction of over 750 data variables to automatically rank whether a Zone fits the target customer profile of a campaign. Whether a national campaign or a trade area for a local retail store, marketers can plan their online campaigns knowing they can identify and reach enough qualified unique users to meet ROI goals.

Semcasting is the sole compiler and modeler of all the data in the IP Zones platform and is a supplier to database marketing companies and Fortune 1000 companies for the enhancement of their CRM files, analytics and marketing campaigns. Semcasting and IP Zones meet or exceed the data usage compliance standards of IAB, DMA and TRUSTe.

Semcasting supports ad networks, agencies, and trading desk partners, providing a free profiling tool called MARKETmatrix to help profile current customers in order to target their campaigns.

About Semcasting: Semcasting is a leading provider of audience targeting, data and analytics for both online and offline campaigns. Semcasting partners with over 100 marketing service providers, including some of the largest database marketing and corporate data resellers. They license and resell solutions to top retailers, financial, automotive, travel, entertainment, and political campaigns. To review the full complement of offerings please see http://www.semcasting.com.