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Spotlight on Elise Brekke: New Addition to Semcasting's Media Sales Team

Spotlight on Elise Brekke: New Addition to Semcasting's Media Sales Team

Semcasting is thrilled to welcome Elise Brekke to the sales team! 

As our newest Senior Account Executive, Elise will work closely with Jessica Ackerson, Vice President of Media Sales, to further expand Semcasting’s managed services portfolio. Elise is based remotely in Chicago, IL and will be aiding in various tasks on the sales team. 

Elise has a decade of experience in the digital media space under her belt. After graduating from DePaul University located in Chicago IL, she jumped right into the AdTech industry. She is an expert in pivotal areas such as 1st & 2nd party data, publisher direct, programmatic media and retail media. Elise has held multiple different roles during her 10 year tenure including account management, strategy and sales. She has spent the majority of her career concentrating her efforts on the Midwest. 

Elise’s diverse background of all aspects of digital media and programmatic media has prepared her for this role. Her significant experience with publisher direct and data proficiency allows her to both develop and execute strategic digital campaigns. Elise’s knowledge ensures that her campaigns drive results and provide a “full funnel approach that aligns with advertisers’ key KPIs.” 

Get to know a bit more about Elise’s experience and herself as an individual

Everyone’s identity is multifaceted, what are the unique characteristics of who you are?

  • Empathy and Listening Skills:  I understand that effective sales involve more listening than talking. By empathizing with clients' needs and concerns, I can tailor solutions that genuinely address their challenges and goals.
  • Creative Problem-Solving:  In a rapidly evolving media landscape, I thrive on finding innovative solutions to clients' marketing objectives. Whether it's devising custom advertising packages or leveraging emerging platforms, my creativity helps me stand out.
  • Adaptability and Agility:  Media sales requires the ability to adapt to changing client needs, market dynamics, and technological advancements. My agility allows me to quickly pivot strategies and offerings to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

What are you most excited about with this new role? 

  • Embracing Innovation:  The media landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies and trends shaping the way audiences consume content and engage with brands.
  • Making a Positive Impact:  Ultimately, I'm excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact, both for clients and for the broader community. Whether it's helping businesses achieve their marketing objectives, supporting causes through purpose-driven campaigns, or contributing to industry innovation, I'm motivated by the potential to create meaningful change through my work.

What challenges do you expect to face in the industry with this new role? 

  • Market Saturation and Competition:  The media industry is often saturated with numerous players offering similar products and services. Standing out amidst competition and differentiating our offerings can be a significant challenge. Semcasting has a great product and I am excited to highlight all the benefits to help drive measurable results.

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