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Driving Online Ticket Sales – Reaching the Unknown Fan

Professional football season will kick off in just two weeks.  For some franchises this will be a year of promise for the fans, and for others it will be a fight to be credible.  The common ground for all teams is to drive ticket sales for home games as this is not only the gateway to ticket revenue but also ancillary sales from everything from memorabilia to parking.  With player salaries, TV money, and stadium concessions, revenue generation is critical part of driving the profit formula for owners.
Online display is playing an increasing role in not providing access to seats through vendors like TicketMaster and StubHub, and is part of generating the buzz that all teams seek.

Case Study: 
A National Football League team in the Midwest engaged with Semcasting to identify their “unknown fan” and to promote ticket sales in the upcoming season.  Semcasting has been active with professional sports franchise including multiple NBA teams, MLB franchises and even with college football.  The key to success in promoting these teams online is identifying the unknown fan – people who periodically go to the games but aren’t season ticket holders.
Utilizing Mobile Footprints, Semcasting has mapped every major sports stadium and venue for all home games over the last year.  When we engage with a team we link mobile activity in the arena with other activity for those devices to homes and businesses and compare those fans to the season ticket holder list.  What doesn’t match is what is referred to as the “unknown fan”.
Semcasting also provides the team with UDX (Universal Data Exchange) tags to collect indications of interest from every site visitor. UDX is the core technology we use to link site visitors to other sites’ visits, home and business locations, and emails.  UDX-captured site visits are also compared to season ticket holders, building an even larger base of prospective “unknown fan” ticket buyers.
When an unknown fan is within the fan base areas of the stadium, we deliver display advertisements promoting season tickets, the upcoming game or other ancillary services that may appeal on game day.

One Week Targeting the Unknown Fan:

  • Impressions Served: 440,000
  • Fan Page Visits: 402
  • Ticketmaster Visits: 694
  • Ticketmaster Conversions: 43
  • Tickets Sold: 153
  • Cost Per Action: $30.47
  • Return on Investment: 1,236%

Semcasting’s Unknown Fan package includes venue targeting, display advertising, attribution and UDX-Leads.   UDX-Leads is a lead generation tool for marketing and sales that converts unknown website visitors into linked site visits, names, addresses and emails.  Visit our website to learn more, or sign up for a free trial of UDX-Leads.

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